Hopkinton Housing Authority

Hopkinton Housing Authority

Commissioners and Staff

The Board of Commissioners is made up of five members, four of whom are elected to a five year term by the town, and one is appointed to a five year term by the Governor.

The Board is responsible for overseeing financial administration, setting policy, and charting current and future direction of the Housing Authority as well as advocating for affordable housing.

Board of Commissioners

Marilyn Palmer Chairman, State Appointee
Warren Johnson Vice Chairman, Resident Board Member
Rebeka Hoffman Treasurer
Nancy Kelleigh Asst. Treasurer
Darlene Hayes Commissioner

Office Staff

Linda Strand, PHM Executive Director Linda@hopkintonha.com
Mary Foley Office Assistant Office@hopkintonha.com

Maintenance Staff

Jim Mugford Maintenance Director Jim@hopkintonha.com
Luke O’Neil Maintenance/Groundskeeper/Custodian